We have to serve our customers every day and offer a public transport service of the highest quality. That is our ambition.

Brieuc de Meeûs Chief Executive Officer

Of course, we remain an essential service, and we play a very important role in the city's vision of the future.

Merlijn Erbuer Chairman

Customers at the heart of all the actions

STIB places customers at the heart of all its actions. To make public transport even more attractive, it is improving the customer experience every day by offering a wide range of quality services that incorporate new mobility solutions. [ ... ]

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Customers at the heart of all the actions

Certified services service quality

To achieve the very ambitious development plan for public transport in the Brussels region, STIB intends to control the management, prioritisation and allocation of its resources, while optimising the maintenance of the existing network and ensuring that its many projects are integrated into the city. [ ... ]

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Roi Baudouin Koning Boudewijn

Proud and committed employees

As an important contributor to employment in Brussels, STIB creates an attractive professional environment in which employees can find meaning, take responsibility, develop their skills and flourish, both at work and in their private lives. [ ... ]

New recruits

An engaged and responsible company

STIB contributes to the sustainable development of the city by playing its role as a responsible, exemplary and inclusive urban stakeholder. It continues to improve its environmental performance, develops the universal accessibility of its services, and promotes social cohesion, both within the company and with its customers. [ ... ]

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