STIB launches on TikTok

STIB launches on TikTok

After almost 10 years on social media, STIB remains on its toes. After Facebook, Twitter then Instagram, in October 2021 STIB launched on TikTok, to mark the presentation of the new TNG tram. It offers network news and offbeat videos. STIB always attracts viewers with its open and offbeat communication on social media. Its publications will not have gone unnoticed in 2021, whether they featured its staff, its vehicles, or trams disguised as French fries. Its blog, STIB Stories, is still very successful, with 140,096 visits and 367,041 page views.


STIB OFFICIEL: 97,351 fans +4%
MIVB OFFICIEEL: 8,922 fans +3%


@stibmivb: 138,979 followers +4%


@stibmivb: 16,633 followers +13%
@mivbstib: 2,534 followers +23%


STIB-MIVB: 23,283 followers +10%

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