Delivery of the first "Tram New Generation"

Arriving in October 2021 at the Haren depot, the TNG, for "Tram New Generation", is the first of a series of 90 vehicles ordered by the STIB. It is a modernised version of the T3000 and T4000, the latest tram models in circulation on the STIB network.

These trams include several new features, such as two multifunctional areas for wheelchair users and pushchairs with a dedicated intercom, manual ramps integrated into the floor, indirect LED lighting, a high-performance air conditioning system and flexible bogies to reduce vibrations as much as possible. The new seating layout makes long journeys more enjoyable. Folding seats have been installed to supplement the fixed seats. Large information screens show the line diagrams and LED strips above the doors indicate the direction of descent and the availability of each door.

The new tram will be able to welcome its first passengers after a series of tests in the depot and then on the network without passengers. These tests are used to check the gauge, speed, switches, communications with dispatch and passengers, geolocation, sanding, maintenance, vehicle performance and braking.

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