All daytime bus routes now "AccessiBus"

Since late 2021, all STIB's daytime bus routes have been "AccessiBus". In practical terms, for each route, there is a form on the STIB website listing the level of accessibility of each of its stops, information that is also included at the stops themselves and on the screens inside the vehicles.

Nearly 1,400 bus stops have been audited and categorised as "accessible", "accessible with assistance" or "not accessible". In addition to the signage for passengers, information has also been provided at the stops for the drivers, at the level of the bus stop line. Depending on the colour of the pictogram next to the blue line, the driver knows whether they can kneel the bus to deploy the ramp - the green pictogram - or have to keep the bus in normal position - the red pictogram.

Complete and up-to-date information is essential so that people with reduced mobility can organise their trip. This is therefore one more step towards a more accessible network.

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