The STIB tests a hydrogen bus

In 2021, the STIB welcomed a new kind of vehicle into its fleet: a hydrogen bus. This new propulsion technology could be an alternative to fossil fuels. The STIB has been gradually decarbonising its vehicles for several years now and has acquired new hybrid and electric buses for this purpose.

The hydrogen bus works like an electric bus, except that the energy is stored in the form of hydrogen in a tank rather than in batteries. The electrolysis of water allows the separation of oxygen from hydrogen. The combination of this hydrogen and ambient oxygen releases energy, with pure water as the only residue.

The hydrogen bus currently being tested has been leased to the Belgian company Van Hool for a period of two years. After a series of tests at the depot, the vehicle is currently being tested with passengers on various STIB lines. These tests will allow us to understand this new technology on a maximum of lines and in different circumstances. But the current study does not stop there. The STIB is also exploring with external partners, including ULB, the possibilities of supplying green hydrogen. If this first experiment is conclusive, the objective would be to run an entire line exclusively with hydrogen buses.

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