Social advisors present on all fronts

The role of social advisors is to support staff with both their professional and personal issues. They can also help with conflict management. They are specially trained in mediation techniques and assist teams and management in complex situations.

In the field, staff have been given new tasks and responsibilities related to the health measures. Every day, STIB staff makes sure that these rules are observed with confidence and professionalism. To support them through these changes, social advisors have remained available in the field in order to be as close as possible to the employees in driving, Field Support and sales outlets and those from any other department in the field.

Administrative staff have had to get used to working remotely, which has been more or less easy depending on personalities and personal situations. The social advisors were also on hand to support employees who were experiencing difficulties in adapting and, in particular, balancing their private and professional lives. A workshop on stress and the specific needs of people during lockdown and remote working periods was developed. One of the goals was to help recognise the signs of stress resulting from isolation and suggest ways to deal with it.

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