Difference, added value for the company

In 2021, STIB continued to work with the non-profit organisation DiversiCom, whose mission is to promote diversity in the workplace and the employment of people with disabilities. This partnership has resulted in several internship offers. It was against this backdrop that a visually impaired person, trained in computer coding, joined the team responsible for developing STIB's digital tools. This partnership has allowed STIB to make better provisions for the specific needs of people with disabilities. STIB also participated in the "speed dating" project which aimed to evaluate matches between the profiles of candidates with disabilities and open positions at STIB.

On 1 January 2021, the first employee hired under a CAP (professional adaptation contract) was given a permanent contract at STIB. Since then, he has held the position of Network Signage Inspector. The COCOF's PHARE service (Disabled Person Autonomy Sought) and the DiversiCom non-profit organisation, which help companies to employ people with disabilities, continue to monitor his successful integration within STIB. Based on this positive pilot experience, STIB intends to repeat this enriching experience for the company.

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