Repair Café, upcycling... STIB focuses on recycling

Always with an environmental approach, STIB is focusing on the circular economy. So, it repairs what can be repaired, reuses it for other purposes or resells it so that others can benefit from it. Not just vehicles and spare parts, but also furniture such as lockers: STIB shows originality when it comes to recycling.

A Repair Café was launched on the initiative of the company's employees, with the aim of putting employees' talents to good use in repairing everyday objects and small appliances. Organised every last Friday of the month, it is held at Molenwest, an area next to the Gare de l'Ouest station and made available to associations as part of urban development programmes.

In terms of upcycling, various collectibles, including unique pieces, are created from old ticket validators, leather from vehicle seats and even construction site tarpaulins. They are then sold on the STIB web store,

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