Help for the most disadvantaged more necessary than ever

The pandemic has certainly impacted vulnerable people. STIB has strengthened its collaboration with those involved in helping homeless people and combating drug addiction (the non-profit organisations Dune, Transit, Street Nurses, the New Samusocial, the Red Cross, Diogenes, Médecins du Monde, Modus Vivendi, etc.) and the street educators of the municipalities to help care for vulnerable people and so that they can be referred to appropriate reception and care structures.

STIB has also reiterated its support for the Médibus project, which is run by the non-profit organisations Médecins du Monde and Dune. This mobile frontline approach has made it possible to reach the most disadvantaged people and offer them medical care and psychosocial monitoring. There are also helplines for drug addicts.

At the end of 2021, recurring cleaning actions were organised on rue Couverte next to the Gare du Midi and continued into 2022. These actions aim to minimise the negative impacts of the presence of homeless people on the STIB network for passengers and raise awareness of the need to respect the premises.

Supported by STIB, the non-profit organisation Opération Thermos continued to distribute meals to the homeless every evening between November and April in the Botanique metro station. The "Take Away" formula allowed volunteers to adapt to health constraints. During the 2021-2022 season, STIB employees took on 41 evenings of meal preparation and distribution.

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